29 October 2022 – 7 January 2023

This two-part exhibition of York-born artist Jake Attree posed the question: what is a ‘Northern sensibility?’ It explored Attree’s abiding fascination with Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his North European aesthetic.

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Above: Procession to Calvary, oil on panel, 2022, £18,000

Jake Attree has lived and breathed Bruegel since childhood. He remembers watching the drovers driving their sheep past his classroom window and how it reminded him of the Return of the Herd. When Attree’s compositions include figures, they often – as in Bruegel – are depicted intent on their own private journey, indifferent to the vast landscape around them, or the importance of events happening just outside their field of vision, utterly absorbed by their own tragedies or triumphs. 

Attree sees himself firmly as a figurative artist: ‘Everything I paint is based on something I have observed and drawn’. As he drills down from his initial observations he reveals – sometimes in completely abstract terms – the very soul of his subjects.
Paula Jackson and Robert Teed

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The Blue Hill by Jake Attree, oil on panel, £10,000
The Blue Hill, oil on panel, £10,000

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