An elegant ‘living gallery’ combining contemporary art, food and drink in a charming setting. Located in beautiful gardens in central York.

Our lunchtime kitchen always features delicious vegetarian Mediterranean cookingbooking essential.

Please note: we are next open on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December 11:30-16:00 when our Lebanese lunch will comprise: 

Seven spice roasted cauliflower
Slow cooked aubergines with chickpea and tomatoes
Halloumi and olive pastries
Hindbé – braised greens topped with crispy onions
Za’atar Man’ouche – flatbreads topped with za’atar, feta and mint

Tasting plates are £12. Please reserve a table as soon as possible – email or call/text Robert on 07766656030


Between May and October 2020, thanks to funding from Arts Council England, we curated Ideas of Home, an online project that assessed how ideas of ‘home’ during the year of a global pandemic, national lockdowns and the ‘new normal’ rules of social interaction. 

The Old Norse word ‘heimr’ meant ‘world, land, abode’, but in English we recognise home as ‘the place of one’s dwelling or nurturing’ (OED) as well as ‘a place where one properly belongs… where one finds refuge, rest or satisfaction’. What happens, though, when you are forced to ‘stay home’? Does home become a prison, a place of dread, or does it remain a sanctuary? How does one’s perception change, and is this new perception comforting or unsettling? Is home a physical state or, as Witold Rybczynski put it, ‘an idea’? (Home, 2001).

Our online gallery of contributions is here.

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Co-Directed by Paula Jackson and Robert Teed

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